Canadian tire first shift program informations

Huntingdon Minor Hockey is proud to be associated with Canadian Tire’s First Shift program which will give a chance to 30 young boys and girls from 6 to 10 years old (age in 2018) the opportunity to find out how much fun playing hockey is. This program is open to those who have never played in minor hockey.

The program will start on Sunday, November 11th, and involves a first session of 6 ice hours which will be held on Sunday mornings at 8 am. For the first session, the inscription price will be $199 and includes the 6 ice hours and complete new equipment from Bauer. The equipment will be distributed at a welcome meeting currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 24th (time and place to be confirmed).
A second session of 6 ice hours will follow the initial session and will help the children continue their learning through inter-squad games. Additional fees will be collected to cover the cost of the ice hours for the second session.
The amount of players is limited to 30.
Please follow the following steps to enroll:
1- Go on the Canadian Tire First Shift web site


2- Enter postal code: J0S 1H0

3- Click on register

4- Complete the information and submit

To see more aspects of the program, you can click on “menu” at the top right hand side of the site.
A confirmation email will be sent to you in a few days after your inscription.
For more information, please contact Erick Faubert 450-567-9302 (after 19h00)